Unlimited Cashback Rewards

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Boost your sales with the best customer rewards app on the market!


80 percent of people said they were more likely to do business with vendors that offered a loyalty program


On average, businesses that offer rewards see a 26% rise in profit


59 percent of respondents said a dedicated app for the loyalty program made them “much more likely” to become a member


Repeat customers spend 67 percent more on a given purchase than a new customer

How It Works

Step 1

Customer scans the QR Code that is on the Register Counter or Cashier's App

Step 2

Cashier loads the Pending Transactions Page and selects the Customer Transaction; and completes the Amount Due to Complete the Transaction

Step 3

Customer selects payment type(s) and Confirms Transaction

Step 4

Cashier loads the Approved Transactions Page to confirm the customer transaction has been Approved

Step 5

Cashier Closes out the sale on their Register by selecting the Coupon Payment Method

Step 6

VenueCash will initiate all payouts the next business day and the Business Bank Account will receive the total payout funds within 2-3 business days.


Payments are calculated by subtracting a competitive 2.7% rate + $.30 for credit fees from the total, just like any other credit or debit transaction.

Payments in VenueCash or AllCash work just like cash. There are no limitations or exemptions.
Customers will checkout on the VenueCash app, and businesses will receive payment like any other transaction, it's that easy!

When a customer earns VenueCash for a transaction at your business, it is only possible for that customer to redeem that VenueCash at YOUR business. If that customer wishes to redeem his VenueCash at another business, they must convert it to AllCash (for a 50% penalty). However, any converted AllCash is also eligible for redemption at YOUR business! Becoming a VenueCash business gives your business access to this pool of thousands of potential new customers!

Shop securely and confidently

VenueCash has a range of security features to safeguard your information.

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