How it works...

Employees can log into our web application using any device (phones, tablets, PC) to input their shift details and submit their shift report when they are ready to clock out.

Managers will be able to see these shift reports as soon as an employee submits a shift through our web application using any device (phones, tablets, PC).

Shift Reports Features:

Employee Scheduler

Our automated shift scheduler streamlines the process of scheduling your employee's shifts by showing you all the shifts that need to get covered and be able to assign each shift directly from our calendar. You can schedule as many employees as you like for each shift.

Our app makes it easy for employees also by simply confirming each shift they were assigned. If an employee declines a shift assigfned to them, they will be prompted to choose a reason for such. We provide the following reasons for declining: "Made prior arrangements", "Cannot make it to work at this time", "Emergency came up", "Transportation issues", "Sick", "Out of town", "Personal reasons", or "Other"

Stop chasing down your employees to get them confirmed for an assigned shift - our automated scheduler does all the hard for you.

Cash Drawers

As a business owner or manager that employs cashiers to collect cash for the store sales - you need to know if your employees are short on their cash to account for.

After the shift has been successfully submitted by your cashier, the manager will be able to enter the cash counted for that shift and Shift Reports will provide you with a detailed report on any cash shortages for each cashier and shift.

All the analysis and calculations are on us.

No more being backed up for days and weeks to calculate the shortages.

You have the right to know as soon as possible if your cashiers are shorting you so that you can take immediate action before your profits disappear with your slick cashiers.

GET the app now before you lose more of your profits.

Inventory Rack Sets

We do all the hard work by collecting inventory numbers and crunch all the math for you.

In fact, we'll even send you a notification as soon as your employee submits the shift report via text message or email if they are short!

Employee Checklists

Check lists are used by employees to check off their duties and responsibilities when they open their shift (i.e. count cash drawer), during their sift (i.e. sweep and mop floors), closing their shift (i.e. count the lotto scratch-off tickets), and any other tasks that may apply during a shift - all designed custom for your store(s).

M.O.P. Sales

See easily how much of your revenue is coming through cash, credit, or debit purchases!

Safe Drops

Monitor your safe drops so you always know exactly how much has been deposited at any given time.


Cash Shortage Analysis

Cash Shortage Analysis

Shift Reports automatically gives you trending reports so you can see any anomalies that you would like to take action on.

Inventory Shortage Analysis

Inventory Shortage Analysis

The Inventory shortage analysis report automatically gets generated as soon as a shift gets submitted. No manager input required to build this report.

M.O.P. Sales

M.O.P. Sales

The Method Of Payments (MOP) Sales Report gives you the insight into your revenue sources and how much each payment type contributes to your overall revenue.

Employee Hours Reports

Employee Hours Reports

We have made getting the hours report for each employee easy by simply having each employee submit a shift (even if they are not counting any cash drawers, cigarettes, or lotto). Each employee will simply log in, select a shift they are reporting for, check off any task they are required to perform during their shift, and submit the shift when they are ready to clock out. The employee can enter the POS Shift Register Receipt start and end times in addition to our automated clock-in / clock-out times time-stamped by our app